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Law Street (TM) | October 31, 2014

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Daylight Saving Time: Have We Outgrown the Need?

October 31, 2014 |

Daylight Saving Time. It’s become a ubiquitous practice twice a year. Whether it’s fall back, or spring forward, we all dutifully reset our clocks twice a year. But does it still make sense?Read More

YouTube for Social Change: Can Improving the World go Viral?

October 31, 2014 |

Individuals and groups are increasingly using YouTube as a means of promoting social change. Can improving the world go viral?Read More

Wayne State Law Freezes Tuition and Offers New Scholarships

October 30, 2014 |

In an effort to boost enrollment and make tuition more affordable, Wayne State University’s Law School, located in Detroit, Michigan, will freeze their tuition and offer every incoming student a scholarship.Read More

Lobbyists and American Politicians: How Cozy is Too Cozy?

October 30, 2014 |

As we approach voting day in one of the most money-heavy midterm elections ever, it’s easy to be concerned about the way that money and lobbyists can influence our elected leaders. A few recent incidents–such as the high-profile case involving Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster has raised an important question–how cozy is too cozy?Read More

Reyhaneh Jabbari: Another Victim of Iran’s Harsh Death Penalty

October 29, 2014 |

The Iranian government executed a woman on Saturday for murdering a man who she said attempted to sexually assault her. After several delays of her execution and despite condemnation from human rights organizations, the Iranian government went forward with hanging Reyhaneh Jabbari.Read More

Stop Delaying Movie Theater Shooter’s Trial Date

October 29, 2014 |

It’s time to stop delaying the trial for movie theater shooter James Holmes and bring him to justice.Read More

The Capitalista’s Tips for Writing Kick-Ass Emails

October 29, 2014 |

Whether you’re working to reach sources before a deadline, applying for a position, or merely trying to network, making your emails stand out is a top priority. Here are some tips on how to ensure your emails are not lost in the shuffle.
Read More

Are We In the Middle of Another Mass Extinction?

October 28, 2014 |

Species come and go. A virtually inestimable number of living creatures have existed on the Earth since the rise of life. Most of them are not currently in existence; this is the natural order of things. As evolution takes its course, more specialized or adaptable creatures force out less advanced ones. However, there have been several occasions where large numbers of species have disappeared over very short spans of time.Read More

The Washington Redskins: What’s Next in the Name Debate?

October 27, 2014 |

Midway into a new football season, there are certainly plenty of controversies surrounding the National Football League. Between the ongoing debate on concussions and player safety and the number of NFL players who are under public and legal scrutiny for their actions on and off the field, the NFL is no stranger to scandal. But one of the hottest topics for a while now has been the status of the Washington Redskins’ name. Read on to learn about the controversy, and where it now stands.Read More

California Police Officers Found Stealing Suspects’ Nude Photos

October 27, 2014 |

Today’s “wow, people really suck” story comes straight to you from the California highways. Or, to be more specific, California’s Highway Police. Apparently, a few officers from Contra Costa County, California, have created a new, sick game to pass the time. They began accessing the cell phones of female suspects brought into custody, and then sending nude or semi-nude photos of these women to themselves. Allegedly, the pictures were then passed to the other officers playing the “game.”Read More

NBCUniversal Settles With Unpaid Interns for $6.4 Million

October 27, 2014 | 1

On Thursday, October 23, 2014, NBCUniversal agreed to pay $6.4 million to settle claims that it violated labor laws over its unpaid internship program. NBCUniversal’s decision to settle is pivotal because it marks a huge step toward eliminating unpaid internship programs completely.Read More

ICYMI: Best of the Week

October 27, 2014 |

Monday again, huh? It’s rough. I’m not even going to try to dispute that. Ease into the work week with a recap of last week’s top stories from Law Street. Blogger Hannah Kaye took the number one spot with an analytical look at the the myth of “stranger danger” through the lens of the disturbing case of Hannah Graham in Virginia; writer Hannah Winsten took it to the people behind #GamerGate and violence against women to earn the number two spot; and I wrote about Starbucks’ upcoming competition to win free coffee for 30 years. ICYMI, check out the top three stories from last week.Read More