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This podcast, produced by HB Litigation Conferences in collaboration with Law Street Media, explores new and changing legal disputes.

Recent Episodes

Trademarks, Copyrights, Brands, T-Shirts, and Champagne with Tiffany Gehrke and Kelley Gordon

Listen as intellectual property attorneys Tiffany Gehrke and Kelley Gordon of Marshall Gerstein in Chicago share their insights into three matters relevant anyone watching copyright and trademark law, or anyone fond of branded t-shirts and fancy French beverages. I talk to Tiffany Gehrke about two cases. One isVidal v. Elster,...

Algorithmic Software-Facilitated Price Fixing with Jonathan Rubin

Everyone knows that price fixing is against the law, chiefly Section 1 of the Sherman Act.Competitors may not collude, i.e., agree, to keep prices where they want them, but there are relatively new pricing platforms that some companies maintain take them out of the equation, so they do not...

Mitigating Greenwashing Litigation Risks with Ramya Ravishankar

Companies are grappling with how to market the eco-friendly, people friendly, and animal friendly characteristics of their products and services, while also not getting in trouble with the law. Some have learned this the hard way. Some have wisely consulted experts. (That's foreshadowing.) ESG – or Environmental, Social and Governance...

Journal of Emerging Issues in Litigation

The Journal of Emerging Issues in Litigation presents thoughtful analysis of potential, new, and accelerating areas of substantial litigation and risk.


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