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Vacation Rental Service Sued for Patent Infringement

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Vacation rental service, Inc. is facing a patent infringement lawsuit after allegedly appropriating a technical method for improving computer operations. S3G Technology LLC (S3G) alleged the company infringed upon its system of communicating to devices in need of updates. Filed on Wednesday, the case is being held in the Western District of Texas before Judge Alan D. Albright.

The patents-in-suit are United States Patent Nos. 8,572,571 (the ’571 patent), 9,304,758 (the ’758 patent), and 10,387,140 (the ’140 patent). Each is titled “Modification of Terminal and Service Provider Machines Using an Update Server Machine.” They relate to “a specific computerized system able to provide efficient modification of a specific type of software applications that are distributed across a network of remote devices.” S3G alleged that HomeAway infringed upon its patents by providing “a system for modifying a terminal machine and a service provider machine,” consisting of communications methods between a server and mobile devices capable of operating updatable applications.

HomeAway, a member of the Expedia Group, is a rental marketplace for a variety of vacation homes. Founded in 2005, the company facilitates rentals for properties in 190 different countries. In contrast, S3G develops “solutions for extending the reach of microfinance institutions and microfinancial services to rural and remote populations in Africa,” among other things.

As a result of the defendant’s alleged patent infringement, S3G seeks a permanent injunction barring HomeAway from any further appropriation of the patents’ claims, as well as an award of damages. S3G is represented by Parker, Bunt & Ainsworth.

S3G recently filed a lawsuit against Chick-fil-A in April.

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