Ticketbud Sued for Infringement of QR Code Scanning Patent

On Thursday, plaintiff Scanning Technologies Innovations, LLC filed a complaint against defendant Ideabud, LLC doing business as Ticketbud, an event management, ticketing and registration software as a service (SaaS) company, for its alleged infringement of the patent-in-suit via its ticket management system and app that purportedly used the patented QR scanning and management system and method.

The patent-in-suit is United States Patent No. 10,600,101 (the ’101 patent), entitled “Systems and Methods for Indicating the Existence of Accessible Information Pertaining to Articles of Commerce.” According to the complaint, the ’101 patent “describes systems and methods for downloading a look-up table from a server database to a mobile device via a communication network.” Additionally, the plaintiff noted that the “look-up table is configured to store a plurality of code numbers associated with articles of commerce and a plurality of information link indicators… Each indicator is associated with a respective code and article of commerce, and indicates the existence of a link to information about the article of commerce.”  

Scanning Technologies averred that Ticketbud infringed at least claim 1 of the ’101 patent by “making, using, importing, selling, and/or offering for sale an event ticket management system” via “the Ticketbud ticket management system, the Ticketbud Mobile app, any associated hardware and software, and any similar products.” The plaintiff claimed that the defendant’s product “provides an application for scanning barcodes to obtain a decoded link, which contains information about an article of commerce.” For example, the Accused Product allegedly “provides an event ticket management solution in which a ticket can be scanned (e.g., by way of a QR code present on the ticket) to obtain a decoded link, which contains information about the article of commerce (e.g., to display information related to a ticket when the code is scanned).” Accordingly, using the mobile app, the mobile device’s camera or a scanner is used to validate the ticket and scan the QR code to read the ticket. Additionally, the server database has information in its look-up table, such as ticket details and guest lists, and the server database also has codes associated with various information, the plaintiff noted. Thus, the plaintiff proffered that the defendant’s Accused Product infringes the patent-in-suit by utilizing this patented technology.

The plaintiff has sought judgment in its favor; to enjoin the defendant from further infringement; an award for damages, costs, and fees; pre- and post-judgment interest; and other relief.

Scanning Technologies Innovations is represented by Kizzia Johnson, PLLC.