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Seventh Circuit Revives Antitrust Suit Against IU Health

A hospital viewed from the exterior.

large modern building with blue letter H sign for hospital

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion in a lawsuit against Indiana University Health Inc., alleging the defendant violated antitrust laws such as the Sherman Act and Clayton Act. The opinion reversed a lower court ruling that dismissed the complaint.

The plaintiff, Dr. Ricardo Vasquez, is a vascular surgeon who alleges, since he started his independent practice in 2006, the defendant has amassed considerable market power in Bloomington Indiana’s medical industry.

The plaintiff alleges, in 2017, the defendant began a systematic and targeted scheme against the plaintiff in attempts to tarnish his business reputation. Dr. Vasquez ascribes the reason for the defendant’s slander to be his refusal to be employed by the defendant directly and his ongoing independent practice. Eventually, the defendant revoked his privileges at Bloomington Hospital.

The Seventh District Court ruled to reverse the defendant’s motion to dismiss the complaint and remanded the case for further proceedings.

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