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Clinic Sues Over Trade Secrets Violations After Employees Move to Competitor

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On Monday a case was filed in the District of Colorado by R2 Medical Clinic, PC against Daniel Lann, Denver Stretch Institute d/b/a Denver Sports Recovery, Katie McConnell, David Raday Jr. and Optimization Clinic LLC. The case is regarding theft of trade secrets, interference with business relationship and other business claims.

The plaintiff is a clinic focusing on providing hormone therapy, nutrition and supplements for anti aging and rejuvenation purposes, per the complaint. The plaintiff said they employed defendants Raday and McConnell as medical assistants and patient liaisons. In the course of their work for the plaintiff, these defendants purportedly had access to the plaintiff’s trade secrets, medical treatment plans, and medical records.

According to the complaint, the employees worked out of subcontracted offices, for which they were the primary leaseholders, but for which the plaintiff had paid the rent. After a conversation regarding future scheduling, the plaintiff argues that the plaintiffs established a new relationship with competitor clinics. The plaintiff accuses the defendants of deliberately stealing patient data, scheduling follow up appointments on behalf of the patients with their new employers, as well as performing unsupervised medical procedures without the supervision of plaintiffs medical doctor.

Plaintiff is suing for violation of the stored communications act, theft of trade secrets, and tortious interference with contract and business expectancy. Plaintiff is represented by Campbell Litigation PC.

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