Syngenta Opposes Trademark Request for Nutriprime, Citing Its Prime + Trademark

In a Trademark Trial and Appeal Board opposition on Wednesday, Syngenta Participations Ag claimed that if Meristem Crop Performance Group LLC is granted the trademark for Nutriprime, it will be harmed because of its efforts promoting the Prime + trademark and the similarities between the two marks and their uses.

Syngenta is an agriculture company based in Switzerland. Reportedly, it has used the Prime + trademark since 1982 with goods related to crop protection, healthy soil and vegetable availability. The company noted that it first used the trademark 38 and a half years before the applicant filed the request for its trademark. Syngenta claimed that the trademark is “strong and well-known” and that through its efforts using the trademark it has gained goodwill and recognition.

According to the opposition, Meristem Crop Performance Group registered for the Nutriprime trademark for use with prant growth regulators and nutrients, which Syngenta claimed is related to the products sold under its trademark. Syngenta alleged that if Meristem Crop Performance Group’s application is approved, it would cause confusion because the goods sold by both companies under the trademarks are similar and are sold in the same channels.

Syngenta purported that it is filing this opposition to protect its trademark and its common law rights. It cited similarities between the two trademarks, claiming that they “are highly similar in sight, sound, meaning and commercial impression.” 

Syngenta is represented by The Watson IP Group PLC.