Biden Issues Climate-Oriented Executive Order

On Friday, the White House issued a press release detailing an executive order issued by President Biden. The executive order is intended to strengthen American forests, communities, and local economies.

The executive order expands on the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which aims to provide “generational investments in ecosystem restoration and wildfire risk reduction.” The second section of the order places an emphasis on mature and old-growth forests, seeking to conserve forests on federal lands, restore their health and vibrancy, induce ecological treatments that will act as wildfire protection and make forests resilient.

The press release stated that the Biden Administration “is committed to doing its part to combat deforestation around the world and to working with our international partners toward sustainable management of the world’s lands, waters, and ocean.”

By engaging in science-based restoration, the order notes that the United States can easily contribute to global biodiversity and climate goals that will serve American for generations. The Biden Administration is looking to state, local, tribal, and territorial governments to work with in order to implement the provisions, strategies, and policies that come as a result of this order.

Biden also calls upon members of his cabinet to advance the tasks of the order. After taking inventory of the old-growth and mature forests on federal lands, the press release explains that the data will be used to analyze threats, coordinate activities, and develop policies.

The third section of the order looks at deforestation in a global manner, outlining a cabinet-developed plan to provide global goals by 2030 that have special emphasis on the Amazon, Congo Basin, and Southeast Asia. Biden also notes the potential for public private partnerships with relevant actors in order to “voluntarily reduce or eliminate the purchase of [major agricultural] commodities and incentivize sourcing of sustainably produced agricultural commodities.” Lastly, the section notes the need to assess options for foreign assistance that will aid in stopping international deforestation.

Ultimately, the new executive order seeks to deploy solutions that will tackle climate change and preserve forests across the globe. By identifying teams and deadlines that are to provide policy solutions, the Biden Administration is seeking to use this executive order to advance their climate and environmental agenda.