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Annual Fireworks Show Conductors Sued for Polluting Alamitos Bay

The Coastal Environmental Rights Foundation sued the Naples Restaurant Group LLC and John Morris in the Central District of California on Tuesday for declaratory and injunctive relief as well as civil penalties.

Pharmaceutical Company Sues Over Breached Drug Studies Contract

Plaintiff Eagle Pharmaceuticals, Inc. filed suit against MRIGlobal on Monday in the District of New Jersey. Eagle is a pharmaceutical company that“develops medications that can treat or prevent serious or life-threatening conditions caused by exposure...

Pharmaceutical Co. Sues Former Senior Employees Over Wrongful Possession of Trade Secrets

Olympia Pharmacy (OPS) sued their former employees, Confidence Ekeanyanwu and Kenechukwu Okoro, for injunctive relief and damages in the Middle District of Florida last Thursday. OPS is alleging that the defendants each violated the Computer...

Ferraro Foods Sued by Former Employee for Discrimination, Termination

Plaintiff Robert Johnson filed suit against his former employer, Ferraro Foods, Inc. and Ferraro Foods of Maryland, LLC on Thursday in the District of Maryland. The plaintiff is alleging that the defendant discriminated against him,...

Pharmaceutical Company Sues Former Employee For Stealing Trade Secrets

BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. filed suit against defendant and former employee Gerardo Caraballo on Wednesday in the Northern District of California. The complaint for injunctive relief also seeks damages for things such as federal trade secret...

Trucenta Moves to Amend Complaint in Trademark Dispute

Ongoing litigation between Breeze Smoke, LLC (Breeze Smoke) and Trucenta Holdings, LLC was updated on Tuesday when Trucenta moved for leave to file second amended counterclaims in the Eastern District of Michigan Southern Division.