First Bubble Wrap all the Lawyers with Tara Trask and Jason Flom

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If you’re feeling bad about being a lawyer, or just maybe tingling with the holiday spirit of giving back, this episode is for you.  Listen to three professionals (well, maybe two “professionals”) who deeply admire for the legal profession, the important role attorneys play in society, and all the potential they have to make the world a better place.

When there is strife, there is a supporting organization, and with them are lawyers. Wrongful convictions. Voting rights. Environmental protection. The rights of women, people of color, workers,  LGBTQ, immigrants, asylum seekers.  Lawyers are in a unique position to do something about all of this. And they do. And we hope more will.Join me as I interview nationally acclaimed trial consultant Tara Trask and music industry star-maker Jason Flom.

Tara Trask is the President of Trask Consulting
, a boutique litigation strategy, jury research and trial consulting firm. Tara  focuses complex commercial litigation, from intellectual property to antitrust, from products liability to insurance, and oil and gas. She has extensive experience assisting institutions and individuals in matters involving regulatory enforcement and white-collar defense. Tara has been involved in more 450 jury trials.

Music industry executive Jason Flomis  CEO of Lava Records, Lava Music Publishing, and Lava Media, LLC.  He is former  CEO at Atlantic Records, Virgin Records and Capitol Music Group. Jason is personally responsible for launching acts such as Katy Perry and Greta Van Fleet, and discovering and developing the likes of Matchbox 20, The Corrs, Tory Amos, Jewel, and Stone Temple Pilots. The New Yorker described Jason as “one of the most successful record men of the past 20 years. He’s also committed to doing good. Through his Lava for Good company, Jason hosts the hit podcast Wrongful Conviction, now in its ninth season, which features interviews with people who have spent decades in prison for crimes they did not commit. Within two weeks of its release, the podcast shot to #7 on the iTunes charts and has raised more than $1 million to benefit the Innocence Project. Lava for Good’s Bone Valley, which tells the tragic story of  Leo Schofield, who was sentenced to life for the murder of his wife, Michelle, is also one of the top podcasts on iTunes (#19 as of this writing), and received a highly regarded “four thumbs up” from the Crime Writers On  podcast. Jason’s father, the fourth named partner in what is now known as Skadden, was dubbed one of the “Lawyers of the Century by The American Lawyer in 1999.

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