Tom Hagy

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Employment Law in the COVID-19 Era with Stefani Schwartz

More of us are working from home and, given it often has advantages, it's an arrangement that is likely to continue for many of us.  This raised the general...

Plastics-Related Liabilities and Insurance Recovery with Mikaela Whitman

As we see liability actions relating to plastics creeping into the nation's dockets, what types of claims will survive? How much more of this might we see? And if...

COVID-19 and the Courtroom with Alison Besunder

What efficiencies have been foisted upon our nation's courts as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic?  What has worked and what has not? Are we going to see permanent...

Cannabis Industry Competition Law with Ausra Deluard and Jennifer Oliver

What can legitimate cannabis companies do to level the playing field, not only against others who walk the straight and narrow, but dealers still thriving on the black market?

The Age of Social Disparagement with Charlie Kingdollar

Are the risks posed by social media — which has added jet fuel to one person’s ability to smear another — adequately addressed by the insurance market?