Medallia Inc. Accuses Content Square of Infringing Website Reaction Patent

According to a complaint filed on Wednesday in the Western District of Texas, Medallia Inc. is seeking recourse for the alleged illegal use of its patented technology concerning website user reaction analytics.

The complaint reported that Content Square, the defendant is a Paris, France-based company founded in 2012 with over 700 employees located in the United States and around the world. The plaintiff, “a leader in customer, employee, citizen, and patient experience analytics,” asserted that one of Content Square SAS’s web analytics products infringes on the claims of United States Patent No. 8,886,552 (the ‘552 Patent). 

Medallia explained that its “award-winning SaaS platform, Medallia Experience Cloud, captures “billions of experience signals across voice, video, digital, IoT, social media, and corporate messaging channels.” Additionally, the company has reportedly dedicated significant resources to the development of proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to automate predictions that “drive powerful business actions and outcomes.”

According to Medallia, the ‘552 Patent improves upon previous technology. It reportedly enables “more accurate and interactive analysis of user interaction and feedback collected on the websites over the network in real time.”

The filing stated that the defendant’s product, which helps companies understand and analyze the online behavior of visitors to their websites to provide better user experiences, infringes on the ‘552 Patent because it employs its methods. The complaint argued that the defendant’s product has a number of features which replicate its patented technology. For example, the analytics platform reportedly “generates and provides structured feedback forms for providing website user feedback on website user interaction that includes selectable feedback messages provided in a categorized and nested structure.” 

The complaint seeks a judgment that Content Square has directly infringed, contributorily infringed, and/or induced infringement, by working with technology partners like Survey Monkey, of one or more claims of the patent-in-suit. It also seeks an injunction preventing the French company from further committing further acts of infringement, damages, and Medallia’s attorneys’ fees and costs in the action.

Medallia is represented by Rimon P.C. and Gillam & Smith LLP.