Roku Sued For Patent Infringement Over Content Display Devices

On Tuesday in the Western District of Texas, Flexiworld Technologies, Inc. filed a complaint for patent infringement against streaming device maker Roku Inc., alleging that the defendant infringed the plaintiff’s patents through its display and streaming content process.

The patents-in-suit are United States Patent Nos. 8,989,064 (the ’064 patent); 10,346,114; and 10,740,066. According to the complaint, Roku’s allegedly infringing products include at least its Express, Express+, Premiere, Streaming Stick, Streaming Stick+, and Ultra products. The plaintiff proffered that Roku has directly and indirectly infringed the patents and did not obtain permission or a license. As a result, Flexiworld stated it has been damaged by this purported infringement.

For example, Flexiworld alleged that Roku infringed at least claim 1 of the ’064 patent, which describes a “wireless data output controller method associated with a wireless controller for receiving, over a short range wireless communication, digital content from one or more wireless information apparatus, the wireless controller being externally connectable via a wired connection to an output device for rendering at least part of the digital content received from the one or more wireless information apparatus.” Specifically, the plaintiff claimed that Roku’s infringing devices are a “wireless controller,” which is the Roku Device that “receives digital content,” such as videos or photos “from a wireless information apparatus,” such as an iOS or Android device “over a short range wireless connection link” including a Wi-Fi connection “using ‘Play on Roku’ and ‘Casting’ data output methods.” Therefore, a user can display media on a television by using the Roku app to play the content shared and streamed through Roku onto the television. 

Furthermore, the complaint added that the Roku Device is “externally connected to an output device,” such as a television through “a wired connection,” like a HDMI cable “for rendering the digital content” received from the mobile device. The plaintiff uses this to exemplify Roku’s purported infringement of the ’064 patent, claiming that the defendant utilized the method and system described in the patent to have a wireless controller connect to an output device such as a television to access digital content in communication with a mobile device.  

The allegations for Roku’s infringement of the remaining patents-in-suit are similar. The claims primarily focus on Roku’s alleged infringement because it produces and sells a device that obtains digital content to display through a wire or through Wi-Fi either from a mobile device or server on a television or through its digital content service, the Roku channel, with a processor, operating system and user interface, which Flexiworld averred infringed this patented technology.  

Flexiworld Technologies seeks declaratory judgment for Roku’s alleged infringement, an award for damages, royalties, costs and fees, and other relief. The plaintiff is represented by Nelson Bumgardner Albritton PC.