Motorola Receives Patent Infringement Complaint Over Video Streaming Technology

A lawsuit filed in Chicago, Ill. federal court on Thursday accused Motorola Mobility LLC of directly infringing claims of two video streaming-related technology patents. The lawsuit, brought by Oregon-based VDPP LLC, seeks declaratory relief as well as reasonable royalties for the alleged patent law transgressions.

The complaint explains that Motorola is a Delaware-incorporated, Chicago-based business that offers consumer electronics and telecommunications services. VDPP claims, without stating the nature of its business, to be the exclusive owner of United States Patent Nos. 11,039,123 and 9,426,452. The plaintiff further says that Claim 1 of the ’123 Patent provides for an apparatus that stitches together different images in a video stream, bridging and blending them to provide a continuous sequence.

The complaint points to a baby monitor made by Motorola, the BLISS54-2, which reportedly infringes Claim 1 by including “(1) multiple video inputs that are stitched and displayed; (2) a red-green-blue subpixel arrangement for each pixel, and; (3) a transparent (non-solid color) on-screen display (OSD) or bridge frame that is blended with the picture and displayed.” The filing says that other Motorola-made electronics including laptops, tablets, and smartphones also infringe its frame-stitching technology.

The ’452 Patent also relates to stitching images together for contiguous video, VDPP says. Likewise, the baby monitor infringes video streaming technology specifically related to color removal, according to the complaint’s second and final claim for infringement. 

The plaintiff is represented by Wawrzyn LLC.