Motorola, Others Sued By Aperture For Infringing Cell Patent

On October 29, Aperture Net LLC, filed a complaint against Motorola Inc. and Motorola Mobility LLC (Aperture Net LLC v. Motorola Inc. and Motorola Mobility LLC 1:19-cv-02055-RGA) for patent infringement for U.S. Patent No. 6,711,204 entitled, “Channel Sounding for a Spread-Spectrum Signal.” The complaint claims, “[t]he Patent-in-Suit teaches systems and methods for improving a spread-spectrum code-division-multiple-access (‘CDMA’) system, using a channel sounding signal from a base station to provide initial transmitter power levels for remote stations.”

The complaint states various examples of how Patent ’204 has improved the CDMA system. For example, the complaint states, “at the time of filing, CDMA systems suffered from poor power control…Although various approaches existed to address power control issues, those approaches suffered from inconsistency, inefficiency, and excessive delays…The patent-in-suit addressed these concerns by ‘permitting a remote power station to have knowledge, a priori to transmitting, of a proper level to initiate transmission.’”

The complaint alleges Motorola directly infringes Patent ’204 on a variety of devices by using all of the steps, ‘through internal testing, quality assurance, research and development, and troubleshooting.’ The complaint uses the example that Motorola directly infringes Patent ’204 when it tests, configures, and troubleshoots the functionality of its location technology. The complaint also claims Motorola willfully infringed Patent ’204.

Aperture is seeking to recover from damages caused by Motorola’s infringement.

Motorola is not the only company to recently be sued by Aperture for patent infringement on Patent 6,711,204. Aperture filed a complaint on September 30 against LG Electronics (Aperture Net LLC v. LG Electronics, A.S.A., Inc. 1:19-cv-01839-UNA)  and Sony Mobile (Aperture Net LLC, v. Sony Mobile Communications (USA) Inc., Sony Mobile Communications Inc. and Sony Corporation 1:19-cv-01840-RGA) and filed a complaint on October 29 against Razer USA, Ltd. (Aperture Net LLC v. Razer USA Ltd.1:19-cv-02056) for the same patent infringement, with the same examples. Recently, Aperture also sued U.S. Robotics Corporation for infringement of the same patent (Aperture Net LLC v. U.S. Robotics Corporation 1:19-cv-02057).