LiveXLive Media Sued For Infringement of Playlist Streaming Patents

On Friday in the District of Delaware, Cedar Lane Technologies Inc. filed a complaint against LiveXLive Media, Inc. for patent infringement concerning its streaming web player and app.

The patents-in-suit are United States Patent Nos. 6,452,609 (the ’609 patent); 6,502,194 (the ’194 patent); 6,526,411 (the ’411 patent); 6,721,489 (the ’489 patent); 7,173,177 (the ’177 patent); and 7,610,394 (the ’394 patent), all of which relate to audio and media streaming as well as playlists.

LiveXLive allegedly infringed the ’609 patent through its accused products, including the LiveXLive web player. According to the claim chart, the defendant infringed at least claim 28 of the ’609 patent, which includes “a method of operating a web page, comprising: displaying multiple sources of streaming content to a user in a first area of a web page; receiving user input to select a playing order for the sources of streaming content; storing the playing order; and displaying the playing order in a second area of the web page.” Specifically this claim includes when content from multiple sources is “simultaneously viewable in non-overlapping first and second areas” with the ability for user input. 

LiveXLive purportedly infringed this patented claim because its web player “has functionality to receive user input to create, edit and play custom playlists.” This web player allegedly “displays multiple sources of streaming content” by grouping streaming content sources into playlists that are displayed in one area of the LiveXLive web player display. According to the claim chart, “other sources include: daily recommended tracks, featured songs, and artists, as well as My Library,” where a user can find their “saved stations, artists… (and) playlists.” Furthermore, Cedar Lane averred that the defendant’s web player allows a user to select a specific playlist to play and the user can change the order that items are played within the playlist. Additionally, the plaintiff proffered that the LiveXLive web player allows users to create, edit, and save their playlists. Moreover, the defendant’s web player purportedly “displays the playlists and the content that belongs to the playlist that is being played in respective areas of the LiveXLive web player display.” Cedar Lane Tech asserted that the defendant’s web player takes user input for the playlist and playing order and will automatically play the next song in the playlist. Lastly, the LiveXLive web player has a “now playing” section to display the content currently playing.  

LiveXLive is accused of direct, induced, and contributory infringement of the patents-in-suit for its accused products, such as its web player and app. The plaintiff has sought judgment that the patents-in-suit are valid and enforceable, a ruling that the defendant has infringed these patents, and awards for damages and other costs. 

Cedar Lane Technologies is represented by Jacobs & Crumplar, P.A. and Rabicoff Law LLC.