Lenovo Sued Over Computer Patents

On Thursday in the Western District of Texas, ACQIS LLC filed a complaint against Lenovo Group Ltd., Lenovo PC HK Limited and other Lenovo related entities for patent infringement over its accused products’ purported use of the computer-related patented technology.

The patents-in-suit are United States Patent Nos. 9,529,768 (the ‘768 patent”); 9,703,750 (’750 patent); 8,756,359 (’359 patent); 8,626,977 (’977 patent); RE44,739 (’739 patent); 8,977,797 (’797 patent); 9,529,769 (’769 patent); RE45,140 (’140 patent); and RE44,654 (’654 patent). These asserted patents “enable computers to operate faster with better efficiency through faster interconnections including between the core computing power modules and any connected consoles.” According to the complaint, the patents-in-suit and “generally relate to computers and computer systems that employ CPUs [central processing unit] coupled with LVDS [low voltage differential signal] channels that convey various types of data (e.g., PCI bus transactions, USB 3.x data, and/or digital video data) in a serial bit stream using pairs of unidirectional channels to convey the data in opposite directions.” Moreover, the patents describe and “interconnection invention by using ‘high speed, low voltage, differential serial pathway for two devices… to communicate simultaneously by implementing dual unidirectional paths between two devices.’”

Lenovo allegedly infringed the patents-in-suit through “the manufacture, use, offering to sale, and or sale in the United States…of infringing Lenovo-brand computer products.”

Lenovo’s infringing products include its “Lenovo-brand laptop computers, desktop computers, and computer servers,” such as laptops sold under the brand names ThinkPad, ThinkBook, YOGA, Legion, ideapad, and Lenovo; desktop computers sold under ThinkStation, ideacentre, ThinkCentre, and Legion; and servers and other items sold under the ThinkSystem and ThinkServer.

Lenovo is accused of direct, indirect, and induced infringement. ACQIS has sought declaratory judgment in its favor, an award for monetary relief, an award for royalties, an award for costs and fees, and other relief.

ACQIS is represented by Scott, Douglas & McConnico, LLP and Dorsey & Whitney LLP.