Decatur Licensing Sues Sony, Others for Patent Infringement via 5G Standard

Tech giant Sony was sued by Decatur Licensing in the Southern District of New York Tuesday for patent infringement. The plaintiff, Decatur Licensing, said in the filing that Sony’s Xperia smartphone, and other products infringe upon patents that it holds due to the device’s use oif the 5G cell network standard.

Decatur has filed three patent suits against other technology companies today, in addition to the suit against Sony. Those three suits, against LinkSys, Oceus Networks, and Digi International, are nearly identical to each other and the Sony complaint. However, unlike the complaint against Sony, today’s complaints were filed in Delaware federal court.

The suit against Sony explained that Decatur holds the license to a patent claiming “a method for obtaining radio access network information.” According to Decatur, “[I]t must be accepted as true at this stage, that Claim 21 of the ‘476 Patent recites a specific, plausibly inventive way of a method to perform an action that is related to controlling a third device based on the received one or more messages.”

While the suit lists the Sony Xperia XQAT51/B as the accused products, all of the claims relate to that device’s adherence to the 5G wireless standard.

The Chong Law Firm is listed as representing the plaintiffs on the Delaware suits, while the New York suit lists Loaknauth Law. All suits list Sand, Sebolt & Wernow on the case as well.