Constellation Energy Hit With TCPA Complaint After Stock Buyback Call

Earlier this week, Andrew Perrong filed a class action suit against Constellation Energy Corporation and Alliance Shareholder Communications, LLC in the District of Maryland. The plaintiff is claiming that the defendants unlawfully used robocalls to advertise .

Constellation Energy is an energy company that provides services and products to residents of over six different states, per the complaint.

The complaint states that “the privacy of Mr. Perrong and the putative class members was infringed upon because the pre-recorded telemarketing calls occupied their telephone lines from legitimate communications.”

According to the plaintiff they had received a telemarketing call from Alliance Shareholder in an effort to “repurchase its stock under a buyback program.” Yet according to the plaintiff, they had never been a purchaser of the stock, resulting in unlawful targeted marketing under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

The plaintiff claims that under the TCPA they were unlawfully targeted by the defendants in trying to “make any call (other than a call made for emergency purposes or made with the prior express consent of the called party) using automatic telephonic dialing system or an artificial or prerecorded voice.”

After the plaintiff had received the automated calls, they would go onto contact the defendant to ask how they had received his personal information even though he had not purchased any stocks of constellation energy. The defendants claimed that they had contracted a third party company to conduct the contacting of the buyback program. 

The third party that was used was Alliance Shareholder how had left a prerecorded message to the plaintiff explaining the program to him and many others who had received the message, the complaint said.

The defendant is facing one count of violation of the TCPA.

The plaintiff is being represented by Kinner & McGowan PLLC and Paronich Law P.C.