Chatting Platform Discord Sued for Patent Infringement

On Friday in the District of Delaware, Coretek Licensing LLC filed a complaint against Discord Inc., an online messaging program that supports video and audio conversations and is often used by gamers. Coretek’s complaint accuses the company of infringing the plaintiff’s wireless networking patents via its platform.

The patents-in-suit are United States Patent Nos. 8,861,512 (the ’512 patent); 9,173,154 (the ’154 patent); 9,369,575 (the ’575 patent); and 9,591,551 (the ’551 patent). Specifically, claim 1 of the ’512 patent, entitled “Method of Enabling a Wireless Device to Make a Network Connection Without Using a Network Operator’s Home Location Register,” reportedly describes “a method of enabling a wireless device, located in a region, to initiate a network connection without using a network operator’s home location register.”

Discord allegedly infringes at least claims 1, 12, 23, and 24 of the ’512 patent by incorporating the plaintiff’s patented technology into its platform. According to the claim chart, Discord’s Accused Product “discloses a method of enabling a wireless device (e.g., Smartphone), located in a region, to initiate a network connection (e.g., SIP Invite) without using a network operator’s home location register that covers that region. The accused product uses Internet or IP network for calling” without using the “home location register.” Specifically, the plaintiff alleged that the wireless device or smartphone uses the module or Discord application to contact and communicate with the Discord server via a wireless link, such as a Wi-Fi or cellular link, on a wireless device with the Discord Application. 

Additionally, the plaintiff contended that a smartphone or other wireless device uses the Discord application to send data via the wireless link to the Discord server for a request, such as an “Invite signal from caller to server,” which uses the patented method. The plaintiff added that “in response to the call request (e.g., Invite signal from caller to server), a software application (e.g., software pertaining to SIP proxy running at Discord server to route/manage calls) running to the server (e.g., Discord Server) deciding on the appropriate routing (e.g., Invite signal from server to callee) to a third party end-user (e.g., Other users using The Discord application) over all available networks for that call request (e.g., Invite signal from caller to server) without using the network operator’s home or visitor location register.” As a result, the plaintiff proffered that Discord has infringed this patent and the remaining patents-in-suit, which has caused the plaintiff to suffer harm and damages.

The plaintiff is seeking to permanently restrain and enjoin Discord; an award for damages, costs, and fees; pre- and post-judgment interest; and other relief. Coretek Licensing is represented by Chong Law Firm.