Topicourt Spray Leads to Patent Lawsuit Against Lupin

On Thursday a case was filed in the District of Ne Jersey by Taro Pharmaceuticals and its subsidiaries against Lupin Limited and its subsidiaries. The case is regarding infringement of patents held by Taro Pharmaceuticals regarding Topicourt Topical Spray.

Topicort Topical Spray is a product designed to treat the surface effects of psoriasis, an inflammatory disease of the immune system that affects the outermost layer of skin. Taro Pharmaceutical received approval for the NDA for Topicort on April 11, 2013. The plaintiff accuses the defendant of immediately reviewing the NDA and working to create a generic version. The plaintiff then says that the defendant submitted an ANDA to obtain approval of the generic prior to the expiration of the patent without seeking license from the holder of the patent.

The plaintiff is suing for patent infringement and seeks injunctive relief as well as monetary damages. The plaintiff is represented by Rivkin Radler LLP and Fish & Richardson P.C.