Suit Alleging Sale of Defective Medication Removed to Federal Court

On Monday a case was removed from the Skagit County, Washington’s Superior Court to the Western District of Washington. The case was filed by Eileen Holland against Acella Pharmaceuticals, Safeway Inc. and Haggen Food & Pharmacy and their affiliates, and raises allegations of defective pharmaceuticals.

The plaintiff, the complaint alleged, was prescribed Acella NP Thyroid tablets by her physician for a medical condition. The plaintiff purportedly purchased this medication from defendant Haggen and took the medication according to the physician’s orders and in compliance with the “Important Safety Information” included with the prescription.

However, the complaint said that the tablets were defective and contained a higher than indicated amount of Liothyronine (T3), aman-made form of thyroidhormone. This resulted in the plaintiff receiving excessive amounts of thyroid hormone.

The complaint recounted that the drugs the patient received were subject to a recall on May 22, 2020 from the Food and Drug Administration due to this super potency, but the plaintiff was still allegedly sold the drugs on June 13, 2020.

The plaintiff is suing for product liability and negligence. The plaintiff is represented by the Sullivan Law Group, PLLC. Defendant Acella Pharmaceuticals is represented by Lane Powell, while Safeway is represented by Forsberg & Umlauf