Quest Diagnostics Sued Over Failure to Bill Employer for Worker’s Compensation Injury

On Tuesday a case was filed in the Sixth Judicial Circuit for Pinellas County, Florida against Quest Diagnostics. The case is regarding improper billing directly to a patient of Worker’s compensation related charges.

When an employee is injured in the course of their job duties, responsibility for the medical bills, treatment, and other damages caused by the injury are the responsibility of the employer. When a medical provider receives notification from the patient or the employer that the treatment is related to the workplace, the medical provider is supposed to bill the employer or the employer’s worker’s compensation insurance for the treatment directly, the complaint explained

The plaintiff indicated in the complaint that not only was the defendant directly notified that the charges were worker’s compensation related, but the defendant had also received direct authorization for the charges from the workers compensation insurance provider and therefore had acted upon the knowledge that the charges were workers compensation related. Therefore the attempt of the defendant to direct bill the client for the workers compensation related charges is a violation of Florida statutory protection.

The plaintiff is suing for violation of the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act. The plaintiff is represented by the Kobal Law Firm.