Pharmazam Says Thermo Fisher Scientific Used Genetic Testing Trade Secrets

On Thursday, Pharmazam, LLC filed a complaint in the Middle District of Florida against Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. alleging misappropriation of trade secrets, unfair competition and civil conspiracy. 

According to the complaint, Pharmazam is a Florida company that provides genetic testing services to enable consumers and various medical professionals to better determine the most beneficial course of treatment for a particular patient. Further, the complaint states that Pharmazam has taken reasonable steps to keep its confidential and proprietary information secret and has filed a patent with the USPTO for a “Personalized Medication Management and Alert System and Method.”

Pharamazam states that Thermo Fisher is a business that performs various genetic testing services for clients in different industries that reached out to Pharmazam in May 2017 about forming a relationship. Through the proposed relationship, Thermo Fisher would provide genetic testing to Pharamzam which would be incorporated into the information presented to Pharmazam’s customers through its app. The complaint states that the parties later entered in a mutual non-disclosure agreement to discuss and disclose valuable proprietary and confidential information in furtherance of the potential relationship.

The complaint states that on June 19, 2017, Thermo Fisher prepared an exclusive presentation to Pharmazam to acquire the business, but Pharmazam decided not to move forward with the relationship. Pharmazam alleges that Thermo Fisher intentionally and wrongfully misappropriated the information and trade secrets Pharmazam disclosed to it through the mutual non-disclosure agreement to compete with Pharmazam in the field of genetic testing services.

Pharmazam purports that the breach of confidence and trust through the unauthorized disclosure and use of Pharmazam’s trade secrets and confidential information by Thermo Fisher has caused and continues to cause irreparable damage including the loss of several large contracts with national companies.

Accordingly, Pharmazam filed the present action seeking declaratory and injunctive relief, damages, disgorgement of profits, attorneys’ fees and costs for the alleged misappropriation of trade secrets under Florida law and the Defend Trade Secrets Act, unfair competition under Florida law and the Lanham Act and civil conspiracy.

Pharmazam is represented by Brundage Law P.A.