Pharma Co. Sued Over Race, Gender Discrimination

On Monday a case was filed in the Northern District of Illinois by a former employee against Lundback Pharmaceuticals. The case is regarding a discriminatory and hostile work environment due to race and gender discrimination.

The plaintiff was employed by the defendant as a neuroscience account manager for sales and customer support; according to the complaint, the plaintiff received high performance evaluations prior to  receiving a new manager. The plaintiff accuses this manager of treating white female employees differently than white male employees and different from black female employees.

After a fellow coworker made a complaint regarding gender and race discrimination, the plaintiff purportedly supported the coworker’s assertions and began receiving retaliatory treatment from the new manger as a result. The plaintiff accuses the defendant manger of disfavoring her gender and race during moments of good performance and praise. The plaintiff also indicated that several negative comments were made, including ones claiming that the plaintiff was too negative, claiming that the plaintiff was imagining slights, and claiming that the plaintiff was uncooperative.

The plaintiff is suing for hostile work environment, race discrimination, gender discrimination, retaliation, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. They are represented by Fegan Scott, LLC.