Patent Suit Filed Against Electronic Health Records Software Company

DatRec, LLC (DatRec) filed a complaint against Florida-based Greenway Health, LLC (Greenway) on Thursday, alleging that the defendant maintains, operates, and administers an electronic health record system that infringes upon a patent it owns. According to the Middle District of Florida filing, Greenway induces infringement, contributorily infringes, and directly and indirectly infringes on U.S. Patent No. 8,156,158 (the ’158 patent) owned by Texas-based DatRec.

The ’158 patent, titled “Method and System for Use of a Database of Personal Data Records” was first issued in 2012, the filing explains. It purportedly relates “to a novel and improved manner of constructing a verified database of identified individuals capable of processing with a subgroup of at least one medical application.” The 11-page complaint describes how Greenway’s “Health Prime Suit” a “cloud-based, clinically-driven electronic health record and practice management system…” infringes on one or more of the ’158 patent’s 23 claims, literally or under the doctrine of equivalents.

For example, the Health Prime Suit’s “Population Health” analysis feature reportedly helps healthcare providers “identify segments of the patient population most in need,” among other things, using data analytics. DatRec asserts the feature infringes upon the ‘158 patent claim that sets forth the process for “provid[ing] personalized medicine service to at least one of said identified individuals.” For the alleged infringement, DatRec seeks a jury trial, damages amounting to no less than reasonable royalties or lost profits, treble damages for willful infringement, and an award attorneys’ fees and costs, among other requests.

The plaintiff is represented by the Law Office of Victoria E. Brieant, P.A.