Nurse Sues Comprehensive Behavioral Health Associates Alleging Race Discrimination

On Monday a case was filed in the Northern District of Ohio by a former employee against Comprehensive Behavioral Health Associates. The case is regarding race discrimination in the workplace.

The plaintiff was employed by the defendant as a nurse practitioner in their mental health facility. According to the complaint, the plaintiff was subject to numerous discriminatory comments from patients who were a part of the facility and made multiple complaints about the comments to her supervisor, human resources, and the compliance director.

The plaintiff argues that the facility has a policy requiring investigation of and actions taken to mitigate this type of behavior by patients in the facility, and that the defendants failed to take action in regards to the complaints. After receiving the complaints, the plaintiff alleges that the defendants requested that she resign or be fired, and skipped the progressive disciplinary policy intentionally. Finally, the plaintiff alleges that the replacement was white to deliberately avoid the issues in the future.

The plaintiff is suing for race discrimination and retaliation. They are represented by the Spitz Law Firm, LLC.