Neuocrine Files Second Suit Against Zydus Again After Ingrezza ANDA

On Friday a case was filed in the New Jersey District Court. The case was filed by Neurocrine Biosciences, Inc. against Zydus Pharmaceuticals and its subsidiaries. The case is regarding the infringement of patent rights regarding the drug Ingrezza.

This is the second lawsuit filed against Zydus in their bid to manufacture a generic version of Ingrezza; an earlier suit was filed in August. This suit was filed in response to a second letter filed by Zydus, amending the letter customarily sent when applying for a generic drug approval. The new letter, according to the complaint, adds factual and legal bases in support of Zydus’ argument.

Ingrezza is a prescription drug used to treat tardive dyskinesia, also known as involuntary abnormal repetitive motions caused as a side effect of anti-psychotic medications. The plaintiff is the holder of thirteen patents related to the creation, composition, and use of the active ingredient in Ingrezza, Valbenazine. Another lawsuit was filed by the same plaintiff concerning the same drug in October.

The defendants have posted an ANDA application seeking permission to manufacture and distribute a generic version of the drug without seeking license from Neurocrine; Neurocrine argues that this would infringe four of its patents.

The plaintiff is suing for infringement of each of the patents, and seeks an injunction prohibiting the manufacture, importation, or sale of the generic prior to the expiration of the patents. Plaintiff is represented by McCarter & English.