Malpractice Action Filed Against Broward County Nursing Home Over Crowding Issues

On Wednesday a case was filed in the Florida State Broward County Seventeenth Circuit Court. The case was filed by the estate of a decreased patient against Broward Nursing & Rehabilitation Center LLC, Millenium Consolidated, LLC, Andrews Avenue Facility, LLC, HBA Therapy Services, Inc. Barton David Weisman, Howard Lionel Lipschutz, Jody Rogers, and John William Hymans. The case is regarding medical negligence in the treatment of the plaintiff.

The plaintiff was a resident of the Broward Nursing & Rehabilitation Center. As his health declined and the patient became bedbound, the patient was reliant on the services of the nursing home to maintain his health and quality of life. The suit alleges that the nursing home was over capacity for the level of staffing that was maintained and the patient suffered from injuries leading to his death that were a result of neglect. These injuries included dehydration, malnutrition, and bedsores that later became infected and led to sepsis and fatal pneumonia.

The plaintiff is suing for negligence, wrongful death, and breach of fiduciary duty. The plaintiff is represented by Wilkes & Associates.