Home Nursing Company Sued for FLSA Violations

On Tuesday, an ex-employee filed a suit against Pro-Health Nursing Services in the Southern District of Florida. The plaintiff claims to have not been compensated for work performed under their employment with the defendant.

The defendant is a nursing service which provides help to those who need special healthcare from the comfort of their own homes, per the complaint.

The complaint states that “the Plaintiff was a non-exempt employee hired by the Defendants on an hourly basis, but the Defendants willfully refused to compensate the Plaintiff for all work performed in direct contravention of the law.”

The plaintiff is also looking to be compensated “for time and one half for each hour worked in excess of forty hours per work week, as well as even the basic minimum wage for such work, under Federal Law.”

Other claims being pressed by the plaintiff is that “all records concerning the number of hours actually worked by the plaintiff are in the exclusive possession and sole custody and control of the defendant, and therefore, the plaintiff is unable to state at this time the exact amount due.”

The defendant is facing one count which is to be compensated under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The plaintiff is being represented by Law Offices of Levy & Levy, P.A