HCA Sued Over Allegations of Race Discrimination

On Thursday a case was filed in the Southern District of Texas against the Columbia Hospital Corporation of Bay Area, HCA Healthcare Inc. and their affiliates. The case was regarding race discrimination in the workplace.

The plaintiff, according to the complaint, was hired to work as a Certified Nurse Assistance for the medical center and was assigned to the Bariatric Unit. The plaintiff said they received praise and compliments on assessments, but they were subjected to discriminatory treatment by fellow employees.

According to court documents, this treatment took the form of constant changes in work assignment due to assumptions that the patients would not want to receive treatment from an African American. The plaintiff also received comments that his food was smelly and that Filipino nurses were superior. The plaintiff was also told to ignore hostile employees and to “kill them with kindness.” Finally, the plaintiff said they were also subjected to higher amounts of scrutiny and accusations of hostile actions which were not reviewed with security tapes.

The plaintiff is suing for hostile workplace, national origin discrimination, race discrimination, and retaliation. They are represented by the Law Office of Charles C. Smith.