Former Employee Sues McKesson for Alleged Race Discrimination

A former employee of McKesson Medical-Surgical Inc. filed a lawsuit in an Eastern Virginia court last week for alleged racial discrimination by the medical supply company. 

Plaintiff Dominic A. Davis worked for McKesson as an inside sales representative from November 2016 until his termination in November 2020 for purported theft from the sample account. The sample account was used by the inside sales team to send medical supply samples to customers and, according to the plaintiff, for personal use by the team. 

“Plaintiff understood usage of the sample account to be a benefit of working for Defendant on the inside sales representative team, as well as a means by which inside sales representatives gained knowledge and familiarity with Defendant’s products, which was necessary in order for team members to perform their job duties,” the lawsuit states. 

However, the sales team received an email in September 2020 stating that they could no longer use the sample account for personal use without managerial approval. Three weeks later, the plaintiff and other members of the sales team were contacted by the director of investigations, global security and safety about their usage of the sample account. Following the investigation in November 2020, the plaintiff and another African American man were terminated for unauthorized use of the account. Team members who were not African-American but who  had also used the sample account for personal purposes were not terminated, according to the lawsuit.

The plaintiff filed an administrative claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and it issued a “right to sue” letter in September 2021 after failing to resolve the claim, court documents state.  

The plaintiff claims his termination was discrimination and a violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. He is seeking lost back pay and front pay; compensatory, nominal and punitive damages; pre- and post-judgment interest; and attorney’s fees. 

The plaintiff is represented by Wiley Law Offices PLLC