Circular Sued by Oura for Alleged Infringement of their Electronic Ring Patents

On Wednesday, Oura Health Oy filed a complaint in the Western District of Texas against Circular SAS for infringement of their app-connected sleep tracking device patents.

Finnish company Oura owns the right to two patents for a ring that contains an electronic device inside of it. The ‘833 patent details a “wearable electronic device including a body part, an electronic part, and a coating” and the ‘429 patent describes a “method and system of obtaining a user’s movements, using the movements to determine a rest period or activity period, measuring biosignals during the rest period, determining a rest period summary, determining an activity summary, determining a body response summary based on the rest summary and activity summary, calculating a readiness score” that can all be accessed on a mobile app.

In February, “Circular admitted to knowing of and studying Ōura’s patents” and subsequently were sent a cease and desist letter.  Subsequently, Circular hired someone to analyze whether or not they infringed upon Oura’s patents, who refused to send the analysis to the plaintiff. Oura believed that “Circular’s infringement of the ’833 Patent continues to be intentional, deliberate, willful, and without regard to Ōura’s rights at least because they had knowledge of the ’833 Patent” and similarly with the ‘429 patent.  The plaintiff claimed that Circular “has gained profits by virtue of its infringement” of these two patents.

The plaintiff is seeking judgment that Circular infringed upon their patents, injunctive relief enjoining the defendant from continuing to infringe upon Oura’s patents, a declaration that this case is “exceptional,” damages and enhanced damages, pre- and post-judgment interest, attorney’s fees and costs, and other relief.

Oura is represented by Patterson + Sheridan LLP.