Cigna Removes Out of Network Payment Case to Federal Court

On Tuesday a case was removed from the Superior Court of Los Angeles County to the Central District of California. The case was originally filed by Premier Spine Neurosurgery Inc. against Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company regarding underpayment of medical bills.

The underlying plaintiff is a neurosurgery practice that provides specialized medical treatment to patients with a wide variety of insurance coverage, per their state court complaint. The practice is not contracted directly with Cigna to provide coverage and has no obligation to provide services at a specified discount in exchange for higher numbers of referred patients.

After providing medically necessary services to a patient that was insured by the defendant, the practice said they submitted bills that the plaintiff claims were for a reasonable amount given the services provided in the amount of $73,400.00. Cigna processed the bills, but submitted no payment, the plaintiffs argued.

The plaintiff is suing for quantum meruit. The plaintiff is represented by the Law Office of Jonathan A. Stieglitz. The defendant is represented by Cole Pedroza