Childcare App Developers Sued for Patent Infringement

Mellaconic IP LLC filed a complaint against Procare Software LLC, alleging the defendant directly infringes on the plaintiff’s cell phone patent in connection with their child care app

The complaint describes the plaintiff’s patent, issued in May 2018, as an “autonomous, noninteractive, context-based services for cellular phone.” The complaint describes the defendant’s infringing product as, “ProCare’s Child Care App and Management Platform.”

The complaint claims the defendant’s infringement of the plaintiff’s patent causes the plaintiff to suffer continuous financial damages until the defendant is enjoined from infringement.

“As recited in Claim 1, at least in internal testing and usage, the Accused System Practices receiving, by a first device (e.g., ProCare Childcare App server) located at a first geographical location (e.g., geographical location of a ProCare Childcare App data centre), one or more messages (e.g., geolocation information messages from a mobile device enabled with ProCare Childcare App, messages with location updates from a mobile device enabled with ProCare Childcare App),” the complaint said.

The plaintiff seeks the following for relief: an adjudgment that the defendant directly infringed upon the plaintiff’s patent, an account of all infringing sales and damages, a permanent enjoinment of the defendant from further infringement, expenses, costs, compensatory and enhanced damages.

The plaintiff is represented by Sand, Sebolt & Wernow Co., LPA.