Chaplain Sues Hospital Alleging Discrimination After Leave

On Wednesday a case was filed in the Northern District of Ohio by a former chaplain against the ProMedica Flower Hospital. The plaintiff alleges gender, race, and disability discrimination in employment against the hospital.

The plaintiff was hired by ProMedica as a Chaplain in 2018. After a family tragedy, the complaint explained, the plaintiff took a leave of absence from September 4, 2019 until January 5, 2020. The leave was extensive due to an underlying disability condition of the plaintiffs which she informed the defendants of.

After this leave of absence, the plaintiff states that she was required to work extra hours, that she was closely monitored in her work, and that private information regarding the leave was shared with co-workers without permission of the plaintiff. The plaintiff then required a second leave of absence from July 6, 2020 through October 2020, at the end of which the plaintiff requested a return to half days to finish recovery, but was turned down and terminated from her position.

The plaintiff notes that fellow co-workers who were male, Caucasian, and not disabled were treated more favorably than she was regarding leaves of absence and sued due to this disparity.

The plaintiff is suing for race, gender, and disability discrimination and failure to accommodate. Plaintiff seeks back pay, front pay, emotional distress and attorneys fees. Plaintiff is represented by Wasserman, Bryan, Landry & Honold, LLP.