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Hard Seltzer Company Sued by Brewer After Breach of Contract

A beverage processing plant.

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Nude Beverages, a hard seltzer beverage-maker, has been sued for the breach of two contracts by Ninkasi Brewing Company, a Eugene, Ore. brewery, according to a Tuesday complaint filed in the District of Oregon. Nude is accused of breaching two contracts, a Manufacturing Services Agreement and a Warehousing agreement.

The complaint detailed the history of the two companies; the contracts at issue allow for the plaintiff to manufacture the defendant’s products, and for the defendants to store inventory at the plaintiff’s warehouse facility. The manufacturing contract was signed in November 2020, while the warehousing contract was signed in April of this year.

Problems began months after the deals were signed, per court filings. According to Ninkasi, Nude and its parent company have failed to pay for invoices due on these contracts since March, resulting in over $1 million in allegedly missed payments.

In addition to breach of contract, the plaintiffs are suing for breach of good faith, declaratory judgment, and quantum meruit. They are represented by Wildwood Law Group LLC.

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