GS Holistic Brings Vaporizer Counterfeiting Lawsuit, Building on Wave

GS Holistic, which operates the G-Pen portable vaporizer brand, has filed suit against Smoke & Gifts 4 Less, alleging the defendant retailer has sold counterfeit versions of its products.

“For nearly ten years, GS has worked to distinguish the G Pen brand as the premier manufacturer of vaporizers by emphasizing the brand’s unwavering use of quality materials and focusing on scientific principles which facilitate a superior smoking experience,” the complaint says.

The complaint alleges that the defendant has sold counterfeit goods bearing the branding and trademarks owned by GS Holistic without their consent. According to the complaint, a GS agent purchased one of the items in question and determined it to be a fake.

The plaintiffs are alleging federal trademark counterfeiting and false designation of origin, and they seek statutory treble damages, costs, and an injunction.

This is the latest in a wave of similar lawsuits brought against retail establishments. The company has field 26 lawsuits in August alone. Many of the other lawsuits concern the Stündenglass brand of gravity diffuser, another brand operated by GS. All lawsuits involving GS in August feature Leon Law as counsel.