Agriculture Tech Company Uses AI to Create Independent Grain Monitoring System

TeleSense, an agriculture technology company, reportedly developed machine learning software to remotely monitor the quality of crops while they are being stored and transported. The system would contain custom sensors that gather data on temperature, moisture and location, along with machine learning algorithms to predict the quality of the grain. Farmers using the system would be notified of any issues with a cellular data connection. 

PrecisionAg, in an article published on Thursday, said the innovation would help make the grain supply chain “COVID proof” because it reduces the need for human interaction. The company reportedly uses Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring to gather and send information about the condition of stored grain. 

“The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the inefficiencies of our global food supply chain and accelerated the digitizing of it,” noted Spencer Maughan, co-founder and partner at Finistere Ventures, which invested in the product. He said, “we believe strongly that TeleSense is a prime visionary in redefining how grain is stored, handled, and traded. Ultimately, TeleSense is creating a digital global grain supply chain that uses data to combat grain spoilage – making the supply chain more sustainable and saving companies billions of dollars in lost grain along the way.”

The article said that the company’s connections are increasing, noting individuals added to its board of directors and new investors, including Fulcrum Global Capital, UPL Ltd., Artesian, and Mindset Ventures. The company already released CellularSpear, which reportedly includes monitoring that helps keep grain from spoiling and increases worker safety. 

TeleSense co-founder and CEO Naeem Zafar said, “the complexities of the food supply chain continue to evolve, and the grain industry needs to keep pace. The ability to know real-time storage conditions, accurately predict future grain quality and optimize merchandising timing delivers higher profits … We’re excited to work with our investors to build on our successes with grain majors and make TeleSense products the standard for the global grain industry.”