ESG Programs and the Lawyer’s Role with Kai Gray

What’s gotten into some corporations these days? 

Some are reducing their carbon footprint and reducing waste. Some are demanding ethical behavior. Some are even paying attention to wages of frontline workers. In this episode we discuss the role of attorneys and in-house counsel in the courageous new world of Environment, Safety, and Governance, or ESG. And, not to disappoint, I mention a beloved cartoon duck who, when you think about it, raises questions about inclusivity and workplace safety. Throw in the fact that he doesn’t always wear pants to work and you have an ESG trifecta.

A few questions addressed in this episode: 

  • How can law firms themselves adopt ESG practices and what role do they play with clients? 
  • What are some common pitfalls attorneys should avoid when navigating ESG regulations and standards? 
  • How can in-house counsel drive ESG initiatives within their organizations?
  • What role to they play in  communicating ESG risks and opportunities to their C-suite and board or directors? What about mitigating risks associated with ESG disclosures? 
  • And what about external partnerships and supplier contracts?

And another thing. Ever wonder why corporations set ESG goals, why ratings matter, or how ratings are calculated? 

Listen to my interview with Kai Gray, CEO and co-founder of Motive, an ESG advisory and support service firm, as we explore what ESG is, what it is not, what good it can bring to an organization, and where attorneys fit in.  Kai generously offers his perspective based on more than two decades of work at some of the most innovative companies in the U.S. 

Kai also reveals the secret to the secret sauce behind compelling corporations to the right thing!

I hope you enjoy the episode. If so, give us a rating!

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