Special Episode: A Lovable Litigator? Danny Karon Gives Back.

For  30 years attorney Daniel R. Karon has successfully represented plaintiffs and defendants in class-action and individual lawsuits. He’s also chair of one of the leading class action conferences for lawyers, judges and law professors: the American Bar Association National Institute on Class Actions. He’s passionate about educating up-and-coming lawyers. He teaches and writes extensively, and has been featured on podcasts and television news shows.

While practicing law (and some intensely serious matters), Danny became acutely aware of “a societal bias against access to justice where people who need justice the most often get it the least.” One response to that was to launch Your Lovable Lawyer, a multi-media website whose goal is to “make  justice more accessible to people who don’t know, can’t find, or can’t pay for lawyers.” He endeavors to provide actionable insights regarding common legal problems. He refers to his “lovable” concept as “legal wellness,” and encourages regular folks to take a proactive approach to legal matters and potential conflicts.

This podcast is the audio companion to the Journal on Emerging Issues in Litigation, a collaborative project between HB Litigation Conferences and the Fastcase legal research family, which includes Full Court Press, Law Street Media, Docket Alarm and, most recently, Judicata. If you have comments or wish to participate in one our projects, or want to tell me how lovable Danny is, please drop me a note at Editor@LitigationConferences.com.

Thanks to Danny for sharing with me something he clearly feels passionately about. But, I discovered, passion is just one driver. When I asked Danny about all the on-camera video work he does, his replied, “Why not? I have the hair for it.”  A good a reason as any.