Ransomware Coverage with Scott Godes

The cost of ransomware to businesses is estimated to have doubled since 2019 to $20 billion, according to Coveware. Policyholders turn to their insurance policies to recover losses which average more than $230,000 per incident. More than half (56%) of ransomware victims paid the ransom to restore access to their data last year, according to a global study of 15,000 consumers conducted by global security company Kaspersky. Yet for 17% of those, paying the ransom did not guarantee the return of stolen data.

Joining me to discuss an important ruling on insurance coverage for ransomware incidents Scott Godes, a partner with Barnes & Thornburg. Scott advises and represents policyholders  regarding insurance coverage for cyberattacks, data breaches and cyber security issues, business email compromises and CEO fraud, network failures, advertising injury, libel, ransomware, and personal injury claims.

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I hope you enjoy the interview, and how I managed to work in Scott’s gymnastics experience with zero finesse.