PPP and SBA Covid-19 Relief Funds Fraud with David Haas and Dan Eckhart

Leave it to people to seize on any opportunity to take advantage of good intentions. The federal government has made available many millions of dollars under the CARES Act, subsets of which are the Paycheck Protection Program and SBA lending which comes with some forgiveness provisions. Fraudsters are popping up. Some are being indicted. Others are paying fines. But this is just the start since more fraud will be exposed when it comes time to pay loans back. Plus statutes of limitations will keep certain claims actionable up to five and even 10 years from now.

Joining me to speak about these issues are two former federal prosecutors who have criminal defense practices in Orlando, Fla. They are David Haas of Haas Law and Dan Eckhart of Dan Eckhart  Law.   David and Dan come to the podcast with decades of experience on both sides of such claims. They discuss how the fraud is accomplished, the types of remedies involved, and how much more of this we should expect to see.

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I hope you enjoy the interview, and how I managed to bring my own personal PPP loan application into the conversation, likely obliterating any chance that I will get a penny.