Data Security for Small Law Firms with Ondrej Krehel and Gaspare Marturano

Law firms are sweet targets for hackers given the rich data they store, from intellectual property to confidential merger details to personal and health information and more.  The last decade is littered with headlines about data hacks and ransomware attacks at even the most sophisticated global law firms. Yet, according to the 2020 Legal Technology Survey Report conducted by the American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Resource Center (LTRC) fewer than half of the firms polled employ some of the most basic security measures, such as email and file encryption.  What can smaller firms do to protect their data and that of their clients? 

Joining me to discuss this important issue is Ondrej Krehel, CEO & Founder of LIFARS, a New York City based incident response and digital forensics firm specializing in solutions to optimize an organization’s cybersecurity protections. Ondrej is recognized for his digital forensic expertise and ethical hacking skills He participates in high-profile engagements around the world using his proprietary methodology to achieve the most rapid root-cause analysis and remediation. He is a former lecturer at FBI Training Academy who has led forensic investigations and cybersecurity involving the U.S. government, including military cyber special operations.  He holds an Ph.D. in Computer Forensics from Police Academy in Bratislava, Slovakia, and M.S. degree in Mathematical Physics from Comenius University in Bratislava and an Engineering Diploma from Technical University in Zvolen, Slovakia.

Joining Ondrej and me is Gaspare J. Marturano, Chief Marketing Officer at LIFARS. Gaspare is a former Director of Information Systems for a large Connecticut law firm and has consulted on these issues with a number of other law firms.   

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Tom Hagy