COVID-19 and the Courtroom with Alison Besunder

What efficiencies have been foisted upon our nation’s courts as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic?  What has worked and what has not? Are we going to see permanent implementation of things like webcam hearings and virtual trials? 

It was my pleasure to interview Alison Besunder on this timely and evolving subject.  It’s based on her article — Crisis is the Mother of Change: How a Pandemic Sparked Progress in Courtroom Efficiency — which will be featured in the January 2021 issue of the Journal on Emerging Issues in Litigation.

Alison brings extensive experience counseling clients on matters ranging from the simple to complex, helping them prevent future disputes through proactive planning and to resolve disputes that proceed to litigation. She is a frequent speaker on topics such as Estate Planning During Divorce, End of Life Decision Making, Cyber-Security for Lawyers, and Social Media and Ethics.  She operated her own firm for several years and in 2019 joined Goetz Fitzpatrick LLP.

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We hope you enjoy the interview.