Asiana Sued by Two Passengers in San Francisco Crash

Asiana Airlines Inc. is being sued by two passengers, Younga Jun Machorro and her son Benjamin Hyo-in Machorro, who were on board the plane that crashed while landing at the San Francisco International Airport on July 6.  The crash killed three people and injured 81 other passengers.

The Machorros filed suit in San Fransisco Federal Court on July 15 arguing that the plane’s pilots failed to observe fundamental procedures for visual landing approach, monitoring flight conditions and reacting to conditions.  In addition, the complaint also stated Machorro and her son suffered extreme bodily and mental injuries. The family is seeking $5 million in damages.

The complaint was filed by Michael Verna, the Machorros’ attorney, and states that the lawsuit is governed by the Montreal Convention. The treaty states the location of the case is based on factors that include the passengers’ final destination.

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Featured image courtesy of [Aero Icarus via Flickr]