10 Awesome Jobs for Entertainment, Arts, or Sports Lawyers

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Dreaming of a dynamic legal career that means that you get to brush shoulders with celebrities, immerse yourself in art, or sit courtside at a big game? You might not realize that one thing your favorite pastimes have in common is that they simply wouldn't be able to exist without lawyers.

Entertainment, Arts, and Sports lawyers are employed for a bunch of different reasons to make sure that our favorite hobbies go off without a hitch. Check out 10 awesome jobs that require Entertainment, Art, and Sports lawyers in the slideshow below. And if you're interested in learning more about how to become an Entertainment, Arts, or Sports lawyer, check out the University of Miami School of Law's LL.M program.

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Player Representative

Image courtesy of Sean Winters; License: (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Sort of like a player agent, player representatives are tasked with handling the legal aspects of their client’s careers. Player representatives who have gone to law school benefit from their education because their responsibilities could include negotiating contracts, dealing with advertisers looking for endorsements, and, sometimes, dealing with criminal law if a client crosses a line.

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