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Samsung Accused of Infringing 360 Degree Camera Patent

A close-up of a camera lens.

Camera zoom lens zooming in and out to focus a sharp image and to capture a photograph or video

360Heros Inc. filed a patent infringement suit against Samsung Electronics America Inc. and Samsung Austin Semiconductor LLC on Tuesday alleging that the defendants infringe U.S. Patent No. 9,152,019, intellectual property it owns by assignment. The Western District of Texas complaint contends that Samsung’s products, including its 360-Round camera system, use inventions claimed in the ‘019 patent, titled “360 Degree Camera Mount and Related Photographic and Video System.”

The filing explains that the technology at issue provides “an apparatus and associated systems and methods for releasably retaining a plurality of cameras in predetermined orientations to allow for capturing of 360-degree composite images or 360 degree by 180 degree full spherical images.” The ‘019 patent thus enables a user to easily remove and replace cameras for troubleshooting and service, the complaint says.

The filing sets forth a table describing how Samsung infringes one or more of the ‘019 patent’s first 37 claims literally or under the doctrine of equivalents. For example, 360Heros points to Samsung’s 360-Round VR Camera that purportedly enables users to “easily shoot, produce and live stream 360 3D video in true 4K x 4K to create immersive VR experiences.”

In particular, the complaint claims that Samsung unlawfully duplicates the patent’s camera holding assembly provisions. 360Heros specifies that the defendant’s camera duplicates “a support including a support body having a plurality of support arms extending outwardly and radially from the support body,” among other features.

As such, the plaintiff claims that Samsung directly and indirectly infringes the ‘019 patent. For relief, the complainant seeks declaratory and injunctive measures as well as damages sufficient to compensate 360Heros in an amount no less than a reasonable royalty or lost profits with interest, and an award of its attorneys’ fees and costs.

The plaintiff is represented by Ramey & Schwaller LLP.

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