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Last week on Law Street scientists geared up climate change data in lieu of Trump, a woman impersonated her ex to send herself threats, and Israel’s drug agency recommended decriminalizing marijuana. ICYMI–check out these top stories from Law Street below!

1. Scientists Rush to Back Up Climate Data Before Trump Takes Office

The President-elect has been criticized because he claimed that climate change is a hoax invented by the Chinese. The new proposed head of the EPA is a climate change denier. And the new proposed Secretary of State is an oil company CEO with close ties to Russia. So, it’s no wonder that environmentalists across the globe are worrying. Now, American climate scientists are copying as much of their research and climate data as possible onto independent computer servers, in an attempt to protect the information from any political interference. Read the full article here.

2. Woman Impersonates Her Ex on Facebook, Sends Threats to Herself

Imagine being arrested for a crime you didn’t commit–let alone even know about. Now, imagine being arrested four times for crimes you didn’t commit. That was the reality for an Orange County, California man whose ex-girlfriend had been impersonating him online. She had been sending herself messages from an account she created on Facebook in his name threatening to harm and kill her, according to a statement from the Orange County District Attorney’s Office. Read the full article here.

3. Israel’s Drug Enforcement Body Recommends Decriminalizing Marijuana

Israel’s central drug enforcement body, the Israel Anti-Drug Authority (IADA), expressed its support of marijuana decriminalization during a Knesset special committee hearing on Monday. Eitan Gorani, chairman of IADA, said the authority “favors the Portugal model,” referencing Portugal’s focus on marijuana, and all other drugs for that matter, as a public health issue, not a criminal one. Portugal decriminalized all drugs, including marijuana, in 2000. Read the full article here.

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