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Last week’s top stories on Law Street covered the problems plaguing Washington D.C.’s Metro system, the evacuation of thousands of refugees from Greece, and allegations of sexual abuse and pedophilia in Hollywood. ICYMI, check out the top stories below.

1. Trouble Below: The Problems Plaguing the Washington D.C. Metro

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx recently promised to close the Washington D.C. Metro system unless it complied with safety requirements. How did it get to this point where the nation’s second-largest mass transit system is on the verge of being shuttered due to safety concerns and a series of mishaps? Read the full article here.

2. From Camp to Camp: Thousands of Migrants in Greece Evacuated

As the buses left the camp, the passengers were met with conflicting farewells: onlookers gently waved and blew them kisses; an olive green tarp on the side of the road read, in white spray paint, “Europe doesn’t care if you suffer.”

The buses–packed with refugees from Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere in the Middle East and North Africa–were headed south from Idomeni, Greece, on the Macedonian border, where a camp that housed thousands of the refugees for months was being evacuated, per directions from the Greek government. The operation to clear all 8,400 people started on Tuesday and is expected to last for up to ten days, government officials said. Read the full article here.

3. Does Hollywood Have a Pedophilia and Sexual Abuse Problem?

In an interview on Sunday, actor Elijah Wood claimed that Hollywood has a pedophilia crisis. He said that the business has a history of scandals and abuse, and that such abuse is probably still happening among Hollywood’s elite. However, he later pointed out that he does not have any firsthand experience with it. Read the full article here.

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